Onetext is Eclipse Home Automation's Home Automation software.  It currently includes interfaces to X10 (using a Cm15a USB interface), a Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire Buss, and a weather station managed by Davis Instuments "Weather Link", and a backup weather station managed  Ambient Weather's Vitrual Weather Station, Davis Intruments "Weatherlink", and Weather-Display.  Weather-Display has a definite advantage, in that there is a Linux version that can run on the same machine as Onetext.  I first had an OS WMR968, but have now upgraded to a Davis Vantage VUE system to onetext

While it will run under Windows XP, X10 isn't supported, and 1-Wire is "flakey" (and both are not available on Windows 7).  For prodction use, EHA is running on Fedora Core 15 Linux.  Other versions of Linux should work, but have not been tested.


Onetext includes a full scripting capability, with varaibles and timers, day, date, time, sun time variables and conditions.


Onetext also intercaes with 4 different PC based "Weather Station" software produces, allowing access to the Weather Stations that software interfaces with!


As of May 2012, also building an Insteon Interface.  Need to build for the future.  Right now X10 is an OLD protocol (I remember when the company was "BSR" and not X10!)



The Onetext software is not currently available, but that could change. Email for additional details. 


This page is under contruction.

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