Onetext is the  Linux based home automation software, and by way of a script, the weather data from a Davis Vantage VUE weather station is output to an html file.  The first table  the current data, well as history for the year, and info for the current day.  Here's the current conditions.



EHA data for Phoenix at 07/18/19 09:00:00 PM MST
Sun will be up 14:04 today!
TodayThis Year
Sunrise05:32 AMDays Over 1109
Sunset07:36 PMDays Over 10043
Current Temp99.20Days Below 324
Today's High105.50Year High Temp113.90
Today's Low79.40Year Low Temp27.90
Days Since Rain?Rain Days10

EHA Weather Display Data from 07/18/19 09:00:00 PM
NameCurrentHighH TimeLowL Time NameCurrentHighH TimeLowL Time
(6) Wind Speed0504:30 PM012:10 AM (7) Wind Gust01104:30 PM002:00 AM
(8) Wind DirW-262'WNW-342'10:10 AMNNE-13'01:30 PM (9) Inside Humid344001:30 PM3408:10 PM
(10) Outside Humid135206:20 AM1106:30 PM (11) Inside Temp80.5081.5006:00 AM80.1010:50 AM
(12) Outside Temp98.80105.5002:00 PM79.4005:40 AM (13) Dew Point39.4060.6006:20 AM36.4008:20 PM
(14) Heat Idx94.10101.3001:20 PM80.3005:40 AM (15) Wind Chill98.70105.3002:00 PM79.3005:40 AM
(16) Baro29.6629.8408:20 AM29.6406:40 PM (17) Yearly Rain3.003.0012:00 AM3.0012:00 AM
(18) Monthly Rain0.000.0012:00 AM0.0012:00 AM (19) Daily Rain0.000.0012:00 AM0.0012:00 AM
(20) Hourly Rain0.000.0012:00 AM0.0012:00 AM (21) Minute Rain0.000.0012:00 AM0.0012:00 AM
(22) Davis Solar0.000.0012:00 AM0.0012:00 AM (23) Davis UV0.000.0012:00 AM0.0012:00 AM
(24) L24 hr Rain0.000.0012:00 AM0.0012:00 AM

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